Review of the HP Mini Netbook at the “Monday Cynic” blog

The HP Mini Netbook 21c7siam9dl_sl125_product line is a welcome change (and literally a sight for sore eyes) from our ( technically aged and challenged) Asus “Surf” EEE PC with it’s 4GB solid state drive and the oh-so-small display.  The “Surf” is now in the process of being sold and we are looking forward to test driving and purchasing one of the new Netbook products from the “HP Mini” lineup.

The 10.2 inch HP 1035NR (successor to the commercially made  HP 2131) will be the  Netbook of choice as our new addition to the technology stack in the Ham Shack.

Read the review of the HP 2140 NetBook at the Monday Cynic

Our Choice – The 1035NR as listed at the HP Official Store

Got an HP Mini? What do you think of it?  Come on, throw down a few comment lines.  I dare you!

2 comments on “Review of the HP Mini Netbook at the “Monday Cynic” blog

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  2. I have had an HP Mini 1000 since mid-February. It has the 16-gig SSD. To use the recessed ‘mobile drive’ USB port, I simply stripped the case from a USB extension cable and carefully slide it into the slot. Works like a champ.

    It would suck to have to give up this little beaut of a computer.


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