Dropping Radio From Its Name?

David Coursey feels like his grew up at Radio Shack, having owned a procession of shortwave radios, CBs, ham radios, and even a cellphone with the company’s brand. And, yes, even a TRS-80 computer. He tweets as@techinciter, can be contacted though his Web site, and runs a ham radio site at N5FDL.com.

Hasn’t anyone told RadioShack how silly comb-overs look? You can change your look, even your name, but you are still just what you are–and people notice.

The Radioless Shack???

The Radioless Shack???

It’s odd that at a moment when it sells more radios than probably anytime in its history, that RadioShack may be dropping “Radio” from its name.

This is a case of an old fogey trying too hard to be one of the kids. Radio Shack’s biggest problem–and virtue–is that it’s the 7-11 of consumer electronics. Easy-in, easy-out, but limited selection and the appearance of so-so pricing.

Read N5FDL’s full article here.

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