Long Island Live Scanner Feeds

For those who know me, you know that I am not a fan of newsletters. So, I only try and send them out when there is something important to say from the backroom at W2LIE.net. I can assure you that this is one of those notices!

W2LIE.net has been busy the last few months with some major upgrades. We redesigned parts of the site to make things easier to read, and to make things simple to find – from both the desktop and mobile applications. There are also a few more bolt-on’s to the website that I am very excited to tell you about.

Here are some of the new changes
to W2LIE.net:

  • Automatic Archives
    • Several feeds are being archived to the website in 30 minute brackets.
    • Some of the archives will remain free, but the first 24 hours are a premium add-on.
    • Archives are located in the W2LIE.net download section
  • Redesigned Forum Layout
    • The Forums are redesigned to make things easier to read
    • The default font for the forums have been enlarged
  • Mobile Optimized Theme
    • The Mobile version of the site is being recreated to allow for easier viewing of the content in the Frequencies
      and Codes menu.
    • New master list has been created, instead of a confusing drop down menu.
    • This allows the same interface and path for Web versions and Mobile versions of the site
  • WIKI
    • A WIKI has been added to W2LIE.net.
    • Goal – If it “transmits” on Long Island, we should build it into the database
      • Types of Radios, Apparatus, Phone Numbers
      • Add info BEYOND public service.. Again – if it transmits on LI, it belongs in the wiki
    • W2LIE.net users will have write access to the wiki.
      • Currently requires a new username and password
      • We are currently working to code the site so that the Wiki and main site use the same username

Online Shopping is now open at

Here are list if items that will be for purchase online

  • Archived audio of select scanner feeds on audio DVDs
    • DVDs with a full Month of audio
    • DVDs with a full Year of audio
  • DIY Programming files for BuTel Software
    • Purchase popular programming files so you can program your own radios at home
      • Don’t forget, W2LIE.net still offers “in house” programming packages.
  • Nassau FD Signal 10 and Suffolk FD Signal 13/35 are now located in the online shop.

Premium Access Upgrades:

  • Web Based Radio ( FREE FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST! )
    • Control a scanner via the web. This will allow scanning predefined Scan Lists, and putting in your own
    • Google-Ad Free website.
      • No more pesky ads in your way.
      • Other non-Google banners will have to remain on the site
    • Archived audio will be available to you for the first 24 hours
    • Additional Archived sections will be for Premium members only
    • Discounts on the Online Shop for Premium Members

Premium Upgrades can be purchased online at the W2LIE.net


Users who upgrade their accounts for the YEAR in 2010 will also receive premium status for 2011 !! That is a savings
of almost 37% of the MONTHLY rate if you were to start paying now and continue monthly until December 2011 !

On top of all of those
additions, a Reward system is also in place to help earn credits for the online shop. If you contribute to the website, you can get discounts on
items, or even some free items from the new W2LIE.net store. Automatic rewards only work in the forums at this time.

also offers Premium membership to those who help the site. Anyone that supplies an online scanner feed to W2LIE.net will be upgraded to Premium
Status for free. What type of feeds are we looking for??

  • Specialty Fire feed
    • Each Battalion in Nassau County
    • Each Division in Suffolk County
  • General interest feeds
    • Aviation
    • Rail Road
    • Amateur Radio
    • GMRS Repeaters

For more details on the premium services now offered at W2LIE.net, please view this page.

If you would like to offer a live feed to W2LIE.net, please
send an e-mail to

Also – W2LIE.net will attempt to scan the Coney Island Air Show during the weekend of August 28th and
29th. The Thunderbirds will be at this show, so there should be some interesting audio to feed to the website. Our busiest time of year is the Jones
Beach Air Show (audio is online), and this will be our first time trying for the Coney Island Show.

Don’t forget, W2LIE.net offers scanner
programming packages, sells BuTel software, and also sells scanners
and accessories as a
Scannermaster affiliate.

Enjoy the upgrades, and have a safe

Phil / w2lie