Here we go again – the Chinese are determined to be the world’s leader in all goods for all nations! This crap is just the start of taking over the #1 economic spot in the world economy.

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Anytone AT-5555, Maas DX-5000, K-PO DX-5000, Intek HR-5500, Superstar 6900N, CRE 8900 – rings any bells? Inside – and in most cases outside – they’re all the same 10 meters all-mode radios.


Then there’s the Anytone AT-5888UV, also sold under the names Intek and CRT.


Anytone’s 588 series of mono-band radios can be found under various names too. Just a few: Anytone, Dynascan, TYT, Zastone,

at-588Wouxun isn’t picky either, selling their KG-UVD1P hand-held to a number of other companies, who in turn stick on their own name. Midland is a well-known variety here in Europe.

Midland CT 790-700x700

Even the KG-UV920R/P can now be found under other names, such as Dynascan. The good thing about this Spanish version: SO-239 has been replaced by N.


Bottom line: Chinese brand names aren’t worth anything and don’t mean anything. Therefore I agree with Brick O’Lore, who recently posted about this. The stickers on the…

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