Kenwood TS-590GAccording to Kenwood, the TS-590SG HF transceiver pushed technology and performance to the limits! While roofing filters are nothing new (I have that technology in my 2 year old KX3), the TS-590SG receiver is configured to make the best of roofing filter performance and the IF AGC due to advanced DSP (also in my KX3) technology.

Kenwood claims the TS-590SG is yet another generation that steps forward into the world of high performance transceivers to meet the needs of DX’ers.

For the past 30 years I have been a lowly CW operator who enjoys working DX without amplifiers and beam antennas. I have never been or will ever be one of those BIG GUN stations.

My only point here is to comment about the glamorous wording used in these sales brochures. These brochures in some way remind me of new car advertisements! What would our World be like without car salesman and marketing people!

If you have a TS-590SG or care to comment on its revolutionary technological breakthroughs, please share your information with us. I’d like to know what separates this HF rig from the rest of the flock.

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