The ICOM 705 Flaw?

As the owner of an ICOM 7300, I really like most of the features of the new ICOM 705. Of course taking the wraps off the radio and actually using it is different than speculating.

Automatic Antenna Tuner:

At this point you are probably wondering why I say thumbs down to the current version of the awesome radio. Right off the bat many say the missing automatic antenna tuner a deal breaker! But that/s not it!

The simple answer to the absence of an automatic antenna tuner is to use an antenna that is cut for the band in use or use a tune-able antenna system like the Wolf River Coil or the Buddistick

Another option is to pick up an outboard Elecraft T1A automatic antenna tuner or wait for the mAT-705 tuner that is specifically designed for the 705.


Although I have been around DMR for a few years, DSTAR would have been be a new experience for me. However, to my knowledge there are no DSTAR repeaters in my area. 

The Openspot I previously owned was an awesome device which got me on the Brandmeister network. Over time I lost interest in DMR and sold the Openspot. As a result, unless the WiFi built into the 705 provides a way to make DSTAR connections, that feature is completely useless to me.


 I’d imagine that the built in GPS will sync the internal clock for use with digital modes in the field. In my mind the clock sync feature should be a no-brainer. However, the GPS may only be related to positioning for APRS, etc.  Mere speculation at this point. 

The Flaw:

With all these incredible RF capabilities built into one awesome unit, I just can’t imagine why they designed a radio with a flaw. Suppose your mobile and having a QSO on 20 meter phone. As you approach your hometown you want to jump onto the VHF band to call a friend. 

Time Out! 

Without carrying yet another piece of gear (a coaxial switch) you are stuck fiddling with antenna connections or stuck using the HF or the VU side of the rig. The alternative; jumper to coax switch, VU antenna on one switch port, jumper to antenna tuner on second port, antenna tuner to HF antenna… What a mess! IMHO, ridiculous! 

Come on ICOM Engineering! Really! Really! The Elecraft KX3 sure has been knocked for its flaws. Poor internal battery system, poor internal speaker, insufficient heat sink to mention a few but for those wanting to work out side the HF bands, Elecraft provides an SMA connector on the VHF board.

I just can’t understand why ICOM Engineering got caught with their pants down on this one!  

Anyone care to explain this one away!

73 de KE2YK

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