Hurricanes and Emergency Communication Courses

It’s That Time Of Year Again!

Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike

With Gustav Hurricane Ike rapidly approaching the Texas coastline, ham radio operators and the ARRL Gulf states leaders are hard at work preparing for the onslaught of monster storms.

To help prepare for these imminent dangers to the US, the ARRL offers on line ham radio Emergency Communications  courses. Among other courses available in September, the ARRL is offering the following:

September 5th:

  • Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Level 1 (EC-001)
  • Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Level 2 (EC-002)
  • Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Level 3 (EC-003R2)

Other September 5th courses include:

  • Technician License Course (EC-010)
  • Radio Frequency Interference (EC-006)
  • Antenna Design and Construction (EC-009)
  • Analog Electronics (EC-012)
  • Digital Electronics (EC-013)

And on September 19th:

  • Antenna Modeling (EC-004);
  • HF Digital Communications (EC-005);
  • VHF/UHF — Life Beyond the Repeater (EC-008)
  • Radio Frequency Propagation (EC-011).

If anyone has the chance to take one or more of these courses, why not commentabout your experience with the course material.

ARRL Lab Manager – Tech Session Chair

ARRL Lab Manager Ed Hare, W1RFI, will chair a Technical Session at this year’s Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). It will be held at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan, August 18-22. Mark Steffka, WW8MS, a member of the ARRL EMC Committee, invited Hare to chair the session due to Hare’s involvement with a number of international committees on EMC standards. The session, covering the topic of EMC emissions and immunity, will take place on Thursday afternoon, August 21.

Hare said he was pleased to receive the invitation: “ARRL has been an active and regular participant in a number of industry EMC committees, ensuring that Amateur Radio is represented and has a seat at the table. I’ve helped at most of the Symposium events held over the past few years, peer reviewing submitted papers and providing support to the ham radio luncheon that is held there every year.” The IEEE EMC Society’s Standards Development Committee (SDCom) is also meeting at the event on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Hare serves as the elected Secretary of SDCom.

Hare said the event is not just meetings — “There is a fun part of the event, too. The Motor City Radio Club will activate W8MRM August 19-21, giving Amateur Radio a special presence at this industry event. Look for them starting at 1500 UTC on 7.040, 7.240, 14.040 and 14.240 MHz.”

Source ARRL

ARRL to Blog from Dayton Hamvention(May 14, 2008)

As in previous years, the ARRL will be blogging live from Hara Arena, site of the Dayton Hamvention®. In addition to keeping everyone up with the latest and greatest at Dayton, this year’s blog will feature video clips. QST Editor — and Hamvention blogger extraordinaire — Steve Ford, WB8IMY, said, “The video clips were such a big hit with last year’s blog that we decided to do even more of them for this year!” Ford says he plans on featuring new products that are debuting at the Hamvention, as well as all the “fun stuff” that pops up: “Both I and the staff have a lot of fun with this, and we hope those who read the blog do, too.” Look for the blog to go “live” Thursday, May 15 and continue throughout the Hamvention.
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