As you may or may not be aware, the US Islands Awards Program is having a QSO party this weekend. One of the activities that occurs in this program is to “activate” an island. To do so someone must make an “expedition” to the island and make 25 QSO’s which include 2-DXCC countries. (The US and Canada count as two). This Saturday from 8am Eastern time until noon another ham (KB3TXP-Jerry) and I are going to try to activate Fenwick Island, Maryland. If you’d like to contact us I’d love to have some fellow NorCars members give us a call. We’ll be working both 40 and 20. —on 40 we’ll be at or near 7.250 and on 20 we’ll be between 14.250 and 14.260. We’ll start on 40 and move to 20 later in the morning…so after checking into the net on Saturday why not QSY up and give us a call.  We’ll be using my call sign. The website for this program can be found at I’ll miss the net on Saturday but hope to see you on 250.


Dell Palmer