New Two Band TEN-TEC CW QRP Transceiver

TEN-TEC R4020 and R4030

TEN-TEC R4020 2 Band Transceiver

As an old time QRPer, one of my occasional stops is the TEN-TEC website. This time around I happened to find two new QRP radios they offer. Here is a  bit of information and an excerpt from a review that I read.

Ten-Tec has released two new dual band QRP radios for the fun of QRP operation. Both the R4020 and R4030 are of a simple design and light weight. They can be a friendly companion for camping and hiking or any time the mood strikes you.

Ten-Tec has provided QRP radios since their founding in 1968.  Unlike the upper class of TEN-TEC radios, the R4020 and R4030 radios and not manufactured at the TEN-TEC plant Sevierville, TN.

As one reviewer wrote;  who owns both the R4020 and R4030:

“both work well and I use an external keyer with both. But as another poster noted, you must have your straight key/external keyer plugged in before you turn on the radios. When you do, they work fine. The instructions leave something to be desired.

Performance-wise, for the price, I’m pleased. They are feature-rich for the price. I’m blessed to have good antennas at my QTH and running both rigs on my antennas have produced excellent results. A week after getting the R4020 and connecting it to my 3 element beam for 20 meters, I had worked 20 countries and a dozen and a half states. I just roamed up and down the band and pretty much worked most stations I heard at will. At that rate, no need to even sign QRP! The radios are stable from a cold start, have reasonable selectivity with the built-in filtering, are not overloaded even though mine are connected to good antennas which might overload some lesser QRP rigs. I am told often they sound great on the air. Many ops are not familiar with these rigs since Ten-Tec has done no outside advertising — just on its own website. For the money, they are good values. Loads of fun. Someday I will take them out in the field with my Buddistick antenna.”

I think my favorite feature of all are the LCD readouts which display the full frequency, as well as other info. Some other radios only display the last 2 digits of the frequency you’re on. I don’t like that at all. I know some lament the lack of a built-in ATU that doesn’t doesn’t bother me one.”

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2 comments on “New Two Band TEN-TEC CW QRP Transceiver

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  2. i picked up a Youkits HB1A duo bander and can’t get over how well this little QRP radio performs very much like the Ten tec 4020 no triband beam here only wire’s
    72 Gary ve3mpq windsor ontario


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