Please Help The People Of Japan

Like so many others around the world, I have been following the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami. It has affected an untold number of fellow humans in a multifaceted way.

Of course as Ham Radio ops, we immediately think of ways to provide health and welfare traffic. There are many ways to provide assistance when you are in a “hands on” situation, when something happens in one of our local communities.

However, this incredible series of disasters are happening 1/2 way around the world. For most of us, providing any direct assistance is impossible. As Japan continues to be destroyed by continuous aftershocks, fires and potential radiation leaks, perhaps we come together as a world community and help our fellow man anonymously.

Between the earthquake, tsunami, fires, potential nuclear disaster and the inability to get the basics of food, clothing, shelter or medical assistance, the people of Japan are way beyond any condition a human should have to experience. As of today there are 1/2 million people in shelters.

Please consider donating a few dollars to help them in a time of their severe need.

Donate To A Charity Via Google Site

Visit The Google Crisis Response