Baofeng UV-82 Review

Just received my next Baofeng. This one is the Baofang UV-82. For the low low price of these radios, it’s fun to buy and sell them.

From what I have heard, these factories in China produce radios for the BIG THREE on the first and second shift and then make these knockoffs during the 3rd shift.  It would stand to reason since the Kenwood TH-F6A programming cable and speaker mic fit these Baofeng radios.

  • Positive Feedback:
    • – Audio reports have been very good
    • – Nasty inter-mod is virtually gone compared to the UV-3R/5R
    • – Receiver has excellent sensitivity when scanning fire frequencies. I have no PL or DCS tones enabled. As a result I am hearing fire chatter from as far away as Connecticut at times.
  • — Negative Feedback:
    • – I’ve read that the battery is mislabeled. It’s labeled as a 2800mAh but is actually an 1800mAh. Battery life has been very good.
    • – I don’t like belt clips. It’s included but makes holding the radio uncomfortable.
    • – Scanning stops when you transmit on the opposite band.

The radio is a very good buy for around $50. It comes with the usual array of Baofeng accessories. Pick one up for yourself. Come on it’s about as much as dinner for a family of 4 at Mikey Dees these days!


One comment on “Baofeng UV-82 Review

  1. In comparing this (UV82) to the UVB5, how would you compare its function/design/quality/etc.? I have a B5 but am wanting a second as a backup/dedicated scanner/receiver. I realize these radios lack significantly in relation to scanning, but this would only be to monitor 10 or so local public safety freqs and the primary one would be to operate only on 1 channel at a time while I am at work (EMS). Which of these would be preferred, and is there a need to purchase a higher gain, dual-band antenna to improve reception such as the 701/771? Have even considered a UV5R or one with the 3800mah battery. Lastly, in regards to speaker mics, is there a certain one that is better than another for these baofeng radios?Thanks for any help you can provide!


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