Over the years I have collected around 18 Ham Radio apps for my iPhone and iPad. I use a couple of the apps when working portable and others when hanging in the shack. (At times I think the XYL wants to do the hanging!)

Hamlog provides a general logging function and templates for logging parks on the air (POTA) and summits on the air (SOTA) contacts.

Since I am a POTA activator, the POTA logging template is perfect for my field operations. Hamlog can also log contacts based on a “user defined” template.

Hamlog is of those apps which also contains a huge list of Ham Radio tools in addition to its primary function. To get an idea how many tools are found in this free app click here.

Hamlog is authored by Nick / N3WG and is just one of a suite of products offered under Pignology LLC. Among the lineup, Pignology sells wireless rig control (Piglet) and rig remote control (PigRemote). Take a look at the Pignology product lineup here.

After each activation Hamlog provides an easy email function to send the adif log to the local POTA admin so that folks who worked the activation(s) get credit.

Hamclock is the free app I use to double check UTC time against my old grab and go MFJ UTC desk clock. When in the field, the app also provides my current grid square and lat, lon info. More info on Hamclock can be found here.

DX ToolBox offers an array of Ham Radio tools. Propagation based on time and Frequency, MUF/LUF, Grayline Map, Propagation Map and detailed solar information are among the tools on the DXToolBox list. More info on DX ToolBox can be found here.

I rarely get feedback but I’ll ask anyway… What is your favorite IOS or Android field app?

72 and 73 de KE2YK