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Update: Josh Nass (KI6NAZ) (#HRCC Ham Radio Crash Course) recently posted his review of the pre-release XIEGU X6100. As Josh explains, there are a host of firmware issues to be worked out before the X6100 makes its debut. Check out Josh’s in-depth video review below.

The X6100 Rooted: It’s true! The X6100 is running LINUX. KM9G and a few other guys have hacked into the X6100 as root. As KM9G explains, the sky’s the limit with the X6100 now! Are you a hacker? Check out his The Sky’s The Limit below!

X6100 Firmware Update: The Ham Radio Dude has created a video that explains what the first round of X6100 firmware updates do and how to install the new firmware. Check out the Firmware Update Video below.

The long awaited (by some) XIEGU X6100 HF transceiver is going on sale (according to the Radioddity site) on 10/28.

As a former X5105 owner, I can honestly say that I had mixed feelings about the X5105. It seemed to be a fair SSB rig but IMHO was a very poor CW rig for various reasons. At its low price point, I am holding off on listing my X5105 complaints.

Hopefully the X6100 has made the necessary improvements to the CW side of the X5105. Anyway, from the specs I quickly reviewed over on Radioddity, the X6100 will include stuff like a large color screen, internal antenna tuner and internal battery, 10 watts out with external power, the 6 meter band, provisions for digital operations, Bluetooth and a general coverage receiver to mention just a few specs.

Perhaps I missed it but there were no details of the features of the color screen like a spectrum or audio scope. In addition there was no mention of an onboard electronic keyer for us CW nuts.

Maybe the XIEGU folks have a hope that the X6100 will somehow line itself up as a competitor to the ICOM 705. For those seeking an all inclusive rig I think the ICOM IC-705 still blows the competition away. But if you are not into VHF and UHF or have a specific need for some the IC-705 features, maybe the X6100 will be worth a look!

Stay tuned for the onslaught of YouTube reviews!

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