SCRC Field Day 2012

This year’s Field Day was another enjoyable event for our Radio club. While only a subset our total membership actually participates, a good time is always had by all who attend.

Our club does not treat Field Day as a competitive event but a time to get together, get the kinks out of our HF gear, log some contacts and enjoy good conversation, food and drink.

Each year we experience a handful of unexpected outcomes. This year we gained new members due to our public relations setup and another as a result of our on-site VE test session.

Although the bands were rather poor on Saturday afternoon and few logistical problems had to be worked out, we managed to eek out a few hundred contacts between our digital, sideband and CW stations.

SCRC Field Day 2012

Two of our teen members came by for the afternoon. They had a lot of fun operating the HF gear and enjoyed experimenting with their own homebrew UHF and VHF antenna systems.

Overall I’d say that each year improves over the prior year’s event. The club is planning to set up a recently acquired 50 foot tower on-site some time this year so our chances of making more contacts during future events should improve quite a bit.

A special thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s event and those who took the time out to stop by and learn a bit about Amateur Radio.

As we all know it’s more than a hobby and Amateur Radio operators worldwide are the first to step up to the plate with their own equipment during man made and natural disasters.

Updates From The Brookhaven National Lab Radio Club


At the meeting last night with the Suffolk County Radio Club there were a
few announcements that I was asked to pass along to our members.

A skywarn class is being held at SUNY Stony Brook Marine Sciences Building,
Room 120 on April 30 from 7 to 10 pm.  The class is being given by
NOAA.  Art Weiss has further info on this.  You can contact him at

On Tuesday May 6 at 6:30 pm a talk is being given by one of the original
engineers at the RCA Radio Central site.  His name is Bob Lundquist and all
are invited to attend.  The talk is being held at the Motorola building in
Holtsville (formerly Symbol Technologies) on the north service road of the
LIE.  Anyone who has anything to share on the subject is invited to bring
it along.  Motorola requires badges to be admitted to the building.  If you
would like to attend contact and give him your name
and affiliation (radio club, Brookhaven Lab, whatever) and he will have a
badge ready for you at the door.

We are also organizing a field day this year with the Suffolk County
Club.  Several of us have committed to attend.  Field day is June 28 and 29
this year.  We would like to get an idea of how many people in the lab club
are thinking of attending or helping out.  This would help with our
preparations.  Please contact any of the club officers if you think you
might make it this year.