4th Anniversary Special Event

The help celebrate the 4h Anniversary of the New York QSO Party, several New York stations will be signing Special 1×1 call signs during the 2012 New York QSO Party, October 20-21, 2012.

Those calls, will be spelling out “NYQSO Party”, which coincidentally, has 9 letters!

The Special 1×1 call signs and the stations activating them are:

  • W2N (WN2IHJ), N2N (NY2NY), K2N (K2CZ) (N2Y (N2CU)
  • N2Q (K2DB), K2Q (K2QB), W2Q (AD2TM)
  • K2S (N2TEE), N2S (N2SAB)
  • K2O (WB2ABD), N2O (W2CS), W2O (AB3CX)
  • N2P (WB2OQQ), K2P (K2UC)
  • K2A (K2QO/K2ZR), W2A (K2ARM)
  • W2R (W2RR/WA2AOG), K2R (K2IZ), N2R (N2ZN)
  • N2T (KC2VMP), K2T (K2TV), W2T (W2TZ)
  • W2Y (KC2QLJ), K2Y (KN2Y)

The stations will be operating CW,RTTY and SSB and are being hosted at single and multi-op stations around the state.

There will be special awards for working all 9 1×1 call signs listed above (and only those 1×1 call signs). You may work them single mode, mixed mode, or once on CW, once on RTTY and once on Phone!

Plaques will be awarded to the first station to work all special NYQP 1×1 Call signs (on CW, RTTY and Phone).

Certificates will be e-mailed to any station contacting any of the special 1×1 call signs listed above.

Submitted NYQP logs will be used to determine award winners.

You can also subscribe to the New York QSO Party Mailing list at by sending us a request at info@nyqp.org

 Thanks and we look forward to your participation in the 2012 New York QSO Party; 1400Z, Oct 20 to 0200Z, Oct 21, 2012


Brent Hungate KC2QLJ -NYQP Coordinator

Paul Mackanos  K2DB -NYQP Advisor