Old / New HF Radio – The eHam Store

I am tickled pink over my recent purchase! My new/old HF radio arrived in perfect condition on Friday. There it was, sitting on my doorstep when I arrived home from work. The seller had packed everything exceptionally well. I know that most hams today can’t get excited about an old radio but this particular model will be my third over the past 25 years.

Included in the package was the desk mic, swr bridge power meter combo, tuner, extra coax and the matching power supply all in excellent working condition. The radio? It’s a Ten-Tec Argosy I.

I know, it’s most likely something that most take no interest in. I can hear you saying,  come on Ten-Tec? Isn’t that the company that prides itself on high quality CW rigs? Well, if you have come to that conclusion you are 100% correct. Yes, it’s a far cry from operating on VHF and UHF or logging into the repeater via Echolink.

To be very truthful, I am one of those nuts who, many years ago had an Argosy I in my truck and worked a good part of the world with 50 (and sometimes 5) watts out on a modified Hamstick that hung off the rear bumper.

Can you imagine the law they would have on the books today if they found out I was copying in my head and slapping the paddles while tooling down the local highways at 65 MPH? Most of my CW/QRP/M operation “back in the day” was on 40 and 30 meters. Those hamsticks with the bayonet connector were really great!

Yes, I have grown wiser over the years and don’t think I would attempt it again, but it was a true blast. I guess you might say that I am acting somewhat  nostalgic now by spending money on such as relic of the past. Perhaps you are right, but, so what! 🙂

If you like to browse around for Ham Radio and scanner gear like I do, perhaps you might want to take a spin over to The eHam Store (www.ehamstore.com). You probably have guessed that’s where I bought my Argosy I and also my Kenwood TS450S-AT back in the spring.  If you want to see my Kenwood in action, here is the link to the YouTube video.

Best Regards and the Best of the Holiday Season!

Vibroplex Sending 73 From Its Mobile Alabama QTH

Knoxville, TN – Scott Robbins, W4PA, of Knoxville, TN. representing Cemorse LLC has signed an agreement to purchase the assets of The Vibroplex Company, Inc. from present owner Mitch Mitchell, W4OA. The agreement will become effective as of December 21, 2009.

Scott Robbins, Product Manager at Ten-Ten since 1997 will be parting company with his employer to take over full time management and ownership of Vibroplex.

Vibroplex will be moved from its current home in Mobile Alabama to a new QTH in Knoxville TN. The transition is planned for the last two weeks of 2009. The new location is supposed to be open for business on or about january 5th 2010.  The new QTH is 2906 Tazewell Pike, Suite A2B, Knxville TN 37918.  The toll free number is 800-840-8873.

“It’s a great opportunity to continue the more than 100 years of tradition that the Vibroplex name represents,” Robbins stated. “I’ve known Mitch for quite a few years and it was an important consideration for both of us that Vibroplex continue operation building quality products for amateur radio long into the future. Mitch’s experience owning the company will be valuable as we proceed with a seamless ownership transition over the next few weeks.”

Vibroplex Bug

Fred Lloyd of QRZ posted this:  “Vibroplex is the oldest operating business in the amateur radio industry and has been in continuous service to the hobby since founder Horace Martin invented the “bug” semi-automatic morse code key in 1904. Mr. Mitchell purchased Vibroplex in 1994, and has operated it from Mobile, AL for the past 15 years.”

For more information visit the Vibroplex Website.

NAQCC Holiday Greetings

The NAQCC wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May this be your most joyous holiday season ever, whether you celebrate Christmas or some other holiday at this time of year.

We are looking forward to your continuing participation in our club activities in the new year of 2009 and many years to come.

Without its members, the NAQCC would not be the great club that it is, and we appreciate very much having you as one of our valued members.

Thank you very much for your support of CW & QRP through the NAQCC.

To view a Christmas card go to http://www.123greetings.com/view/NF11219061003130

To view a Chanukah card go to http://www.123greetings.com/view/MS21219062046170

John K3WWP – NAQCC Vice President

on behalf of:

Tom WY3H – NAQCC President

and all other club officers and members.