Since I am about ready to pull the trigger on my own ICOM IC-705, I am interested in the experiences of other Hams who are using the ICOM IC-705 for CW field ops.

One of my passions is operating for the Parks On The Air program. Tom K4SWL nails my curiosity regarding the endurance of the supplied IC-BP-272 with his post over on his QRPer Blog.

The initial expense of the transceiver is costly enough. Spending additional $$$ for the IC-BP-307 extended battery, it’s charger and power supply is a bit crazy unless you are someone who has ICOM HT’s to share battery packs with. I’d bet you’d agree that $250 is a bit much for the convenience of slapping a spare battery onto the back of transceiver.

What’s your opinion of the ICOM IC-705? I’d love to hear from you.

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